Bridal Makeup

Bridal Makeup

Best Bridal Makeup Artist:-No doubt every woman is beautiful in her way, but makeup gives us the confidence to walk like a Queen among many people. Makeup gives us the magical touch to shine like a Moon among the stars. So we are here to make your special day more special you will always remember. Your dream is coming to you don’t miss your chance. Beyond all this, we have some tips for you to follow before the special day. We have to prepare your skin for that makeup, without that preparation makeup will look no more special than an ordinary day.

What are the tips?

  1. Start taking care of diet and skincare products. Stop eating junk food, try not to use new products, or stop experimenting with your skin at least six months before your wedding date.
  2. Visit skin care professionals to book facial and other services which are mandatory for deep cleaning of the skin. But stop having them two or three weeks before your wedding day.
  3. Try to avoid direct sun exposure and use Sunscreen 50+SPF. It helps your skin from UV rays. This is one of the reasons for skin darkening.
  4. Meet your Makeup Artist and hairstylist for a discussion about your choice and their advice. Tell them what kind of makeup you want and what your hair should look like and off-course listen to them about what will suit you best according to your face shape and skin tone.
  5. Show them your Bridal dress as it will help them to choose the right color for their eyes and lips and they get more time to decide what the Queen of the day should look like.
  6. Most important Smile and Confidence give your face Shine and Glow. So keep Smiling.

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