How to choose foundation according to your skin?

How to choose foundation according to your skin – When we talk about makeup first product we think about is “Foundation.” The foundation plays a very important role while doing makeup. We have a lot of Foundation brands and shades. And it is very important to choose the right foundation if you want to look good, if the foundation is not according to your skin color and skin type, your makeup will look dry, patchy, and cakey. Does anyone want that? I am sure the answer is “NO.” This is the reason I am here to give you some knowledge about Foundation. Everyone has a different skin type some have Normal Skin, While others have Oily, Dry, Combination, Aged, or Sensitive skin. Now the point is how to find your skin type? Here are some signs of Skin types read carefully and know more about yourself.

                                                 Skin Types

  1.  Normal Skin:- Clear, Healthy, Smooth texture, Balanced PH level, Closed pore, Tight Skin, Toned Muscles
  2.  Oily Skin:- Open pores, Acne, Uneven Skin Tone,
  3.  Dry Skin:- Lack of sebum, Pigmentation, Freckles, Minimized pores, Flaky Skin
  4. Aged Skin:- Saggy, Loose, Lack of hydration
  5. Sensitive Skin:- Allergy, Rashes,
Now you know your skin type. Right? Let’s check what is your Skin Undertone?                                                                                                

                                                   Skin Undertone

  • Warm Undertone:- People who have a warm undertone have always a peachy or golden glow on their faces.
  •  Cool Undertone:-People who as cool Undertone have always pink and red glow on their face.
  •  Neutral Undertone:-People who have a Neutral Undertone have mixed glow peachy and pink.
Hey… Confused? Don’t worry I am here always. There is an easy way to find out your undertone.  

                                         Check the veins of your wrist

  1. If veins are green in color then you have a warm undertone.
  2. If your veins are purple in color you have a cool undertone.
  3. If your veins are in the purple and green color you have a Neutral Undertone.
See now you know skin type and skin tone, I am sure now wanted to know how to choose the right foundation according to your skin. Click below for more information. Contact us


June 18, 2022

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